2011 Year in Review Video

Larry H. Miller Group of Companies 2011 Year in Review Video. Created by our ad agency, Saxton|Horne Advertising.

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3 Responses to “2011 Year in Review Video”

  1. Roberta D. says:

    2011 was a hard year, but one full of potential building blocks. I didn’t realize all that was accomplished through 2011 in your company. I myself bought one of your cars in the new Riverdale store. My nephew participated in Junior Jazz, which is a great organization for the kids.

    I also appreciate the movie theaters you offer at The Junction in Ogden.

    Sorry to see Coaches Sloan and Johnson leave, but thrilled with the work Coach Corbin has produced.

  2. CJ STORMS says:

    That was and IS amazing !!! The LHM Group continues to blow my mind with what we have done and continue to do. Crazy to think whats next????I couldn’t be more proud of who I represent and work for everyday.
    CJ Storms- Sandy Collision Center Manager

  3. Jacob says:

    At the same time kudos to your family for all they have done in Utah, and creating jobs in the first place.